When I started this series, I knew I wanted to do something related to an environment in peril. I decided it would be silly to travel to an unfamiliar place to talk about a land I had not spent much time getting to know. I decided to start with the piece of earth I was responsible for in my own backyard, and this became the title "Immediate World."

This series explores metaphors of connection and transformation of my backyard as I attempt to transform the land into something more sustainable. It is a diary of my thoughts about issues facing the environment on a larger scale but from a more tangible and intimate perspective of my own microcosm. Ideas of manipulation and chance, beauty and ugliness, and desire and destruction all come into play - all while being very aware of the connection between my impact on this space and its impact on me.

My garden is a place where an altered landscape creates a longing for connection and sanctuary. Yet a sense of wonder remains. It is a process dependent on light, water, and alchemy - as is the process of creating the initial images. Working with the earth and the images reminds me of the power of being present in the moment and the ephemerality of life.